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New Year Bingo - 24 fun things to do in 2024 + 100 ideas!

We aren't big on lofty New Year's resolutions. The truth is, we have made them in the past like "loose 30 pounds", and after a few weeks we stop going to the gym and lose all momentum. This year we decided to keep it light and fun and do 24 fun things in 2024. There is a science behind having small wins to celebrate as well.

As it so happens, there are 24 spots on a bingo card (if you don't count the free space) so we thought it would be fun to create a New Year's bingo card for 2024! We will fill it with 24 random things like "try 5 new pasta shapes" and "create a secret handshake" and see if we can get BINGO by the end of the year.

24 things to do in 2024

We made several color versions and one that just says "New Year bingo" for you to choose from. Just save the one you want below and print it on regular printer paper. I filled the page with mine so I had room to write in the boxes but you could print them smaller if you want and write tiny on them.

2024 pink bingo card

You can print it off on regular printer paper size and put it on your fridge or pin board. Color them in as you achieve each fun thing. To start you off, we are sharing 100 things to do in 2024. Hopefully, this will jump-start some fun ideas for you! Obviously, you can do a few serious ones, unique ones, and ones specific to you and your goals for the year! Just have fun with it!

Here are 100 things to do in 2024!

  1. Learn a party trick

  2. Try new pasta shapes - choose how many you want to try!

  3. Learn to play an instrument - ukulele sounds fun to me!

  4. Get a different hairstyle/haircut

  5. Try a new recipe

  6. Take a day trip - Go the next city over or see what's within 1-2 hours of you and make a day of it!

  7. Go to a live sporting event

  8. Read a new book - go outside of your genre for even more fun!

  9. Visit a natural attraction - look up what is near you and start there!

  10. Plan a party - it can be a birthday, holiday, or just for fun like "paint and pasta"

  11. Listen to a new musical artist

  12. Try a new cocktail - lavender haze is a good place to start

  13. Complete a puzzle - we did a 3d puzzle last year!

  14. Go on a trip somewhere new - can't travel this year, then plan it for next year. I would love to go out of the country this year!

  15. Do a new activity - geocaching, bingo, axe throwing, crochet, so many choices!

  16. Explore your city - play tourist, try out the best yelp restaurant, and visit a fun local spot!

  17. Thrift a "new" outfit

  18. Try a new restaurant - branch out and try a new culture too if you're brave

  19. Volunteer your time - find something that inspires you

  20. Visit a forest and do some forest bathing

  21. Go to a museum - Check for free days or fun events before you go

  22. Go swimming - try a new pool, lake, or beach!

  23. Watch the sunrise

  24. Play/learn a new game - chess, board games, shuffleboard, tennis

  25. Treat somebody for no reason - it can be a stranger or someone you know

  26. Host a dinner

  27. Visit a National Park

  28. Take a tour - beer tour, ghost tour, segway tour, what sounds fun!

  29. Teach somebody something you know

  30. Take a class - cake decorating, pottery, glass blowing, whatever you like

  31. Watch the sunset

  32. Grow a new plant or plant a garden

  33. Go on a boat - paddle boat, ferry, dinner boat tour

  34. Have a picnic

  35. Do something physical - yoga and walking are great low-impact places to start

  36. Go camping - don't forget your camping gear

  37. Visit a botanical garden

  38. Start a good habit - drink a glass of water every morning, floss daily, or leave work at 5 pm.

  39. Play something with a team - I think it would be fun to do a trivia night at a local restaurant

  40. Bake your own bread

  41. Write someone a letter/card

  42. Go to a live concert

  43. Stay overnight somewhere unique - a winery, treehouse, tiny house, ice hotel

  44. Painting trend - thrift a painting and add your own touches. I did this at Halloween and had so much fun!

  45. Visit a local market - craft, produce, etc

  46. Get a massage - it can be from a significant other or book a treatment

  47. Start a journal - this can be specific like a dream, book, or travel journal

  48. Make something crafty

  49. Take an online course

  50. Print your photos - turn one into a fun photo shadow box

  51. Declutter a room/space in your house

  52. Learn a new dance - tiktok dances are great for this

  53. Watch a new TV series

  54. Redecorate a room in your house - paint it, rearrange the furniture, buy a functional piece

  55. See a live show - comedy, musical, ballet, etc

  56. Go on a walk

  57. Listen to a podcast

  58. Go on a hike

  59. Ride a Ferris wheel

  60. Go to an art gallery

  61. Ditch one bad habit - just one thing you'd like to stop doing

  62. Learn to make fancy coffee at home

  63. Try a weekly food theme like Meatless Monday or Stir-Fridays!

  64. Watch a documentary

  65. Do some self-care - I plan to focus on skincare this year

  66. Compliment strangers - If you see something you like tell them

  67. Start a gratitude jar - as the year goes on write down things you are grateful for, pull out your jar at the end of the year, and reflect

  68. Start a recipe box or journal - collect those favorite family recipes too!

  69. Go to a poetry slam - or perform at one!

  70. Create a death binder - sounds morbid but it's nice to have all your important documents in one place in case of emergency

  71. Learn to make a balloon animal or origami frog!

  72. Visit a drive-in theater

  73. Make a fun food - zombie brain sushi and Cheshire cat tails are both fun!

  74. Have a star-gazing night

  75. Build a sandcastle or fairy house

  76. Complete a challenge - reading challenge, 365 photo challenge, running challenge

  77. Go fruit picking - berries, apples, peaches, find a local farm and plan a trip

  78. Make a vision board - this is good for those bigger goals

  79. Have a fondue night - cheese, chocolate, or gravy

  80. Sing karaoke

  81. Conquer a fear - did we mention singing karaoke?

  82. Eat at a food truck - tacos, ice cream, Japanese sandwiches, there are so many fun ones!

  83. Create a blind taste test - bottled water, salsa, whiskey, whatever you want!

  84. Watch a space event - the solar eclipse is this year, can you see it where you are?

  85. Visit a neighbor - I like to take our cookies, older neighbors always have the best stories or if you have kids, see if any neighbors have kids your age and plan a playdate

  86. Host a trivia/game night

  87. Start a book club (or join one)

  88. Go to a local festival - food, book, music, flower, craft, see what your city has!

  89. Be more present - put your phone down more, engage in conversations, find the glimmers

  90. Have breakfast in bed

  91. Plan one way you can budget weekly/monthly- limit movie outings, cancel one subscription service, limit lunch out - make it achievable and try to stick to it

  92. See how many dogs you can pet - keep track on your phone, always ask first

  93. Make a birdfeeder - I would love to befriend a crow!

  94. Take a sunset picture every time you see one - share your year in sunsets at the end of the year, the 1 second a day app would be fun for this

  95. Learn to solve a Rubix cube

  96. Discover a new author

  97. Forgive someone - this one could be hard but do it for yourself

  98. Open the window every morning - get some sunlight and fresh air to start your day off

  99. Curate a playlist - even better, share it with a friend think mixed tape vibes!

  100. Create a secret handshake!


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