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Best Family Games

Updated: Jan 11

We have quite a collection of board and card games in our playroom and we've tried them all. Here are some of our favorites and what we consider the best family board games. Check them out for your family next family game night, gifting to friends for birthdays, or for the holidays for gifts that celebrate quality time together as a family!

the best family game night games

Best Family Games

Let's jump right in and review 10 of our favorite family game night games!

Disney Villainous - Great for Disney fans who love a good villain. For me, Disney villains are my favorite characters to see while visiting the Disney Parks, so I knew I wanted this game, if not just for The Evil Queen alone. Each player gets to be a Disney villain and has their own agenda that they have to accomplish to win the game. Which villain will reign victorious? Giving this as a gift? Check out our Gifts for Disney Lovers for more fun ideas!

Ages: 10+ Time: 45 mins+

Mysterium - This is a fun cooperative mystery game with a ghost! The ghost gives each person "visions" to help solve clues of who, where, and with what? This is a unique and fun mystery game for families with Clue vibes but more creative!

Ages: 10+ (our 8-year-old loved it) Time: 45 mins+

Saboteur - A simple stategy card game. You are miners trying to get to the gold by digging tunnels but the saboteur is trying to thwart your efforts! You must conquer busted lanterns, cave-ins, and broken pickaxes to get the hidden gold before you are sabotaged!

Ages: 8+ Time: 30 mins+

Taco vs Burrito - This is a quick-to-learn wacky game kids love! You build your taco or burrito with interesting ingredients that have points. Your taco might have chocolate-covered shrimp or ice cream. But, beware, people can steal your ingredients or you might get a tummyache! Bonus, this game was created by a kid named Alex! We love supporting creative kids!

Ages: 6+ Time: 15 mins+

What do you Meme Family Edition - Who can come up with the silliest caption?! One person picks a meme and then other players have to pick from their hand of cards what caption they feel like goes best with the meme. This game causes a lot of giggles!

Ages: 8+ Time: 30 mins+

Disney Codenames - Our favorite codenames game is the Disney edition! It's fun for both kids and adults alike. Give one-word clues to group together Disney characters, locations, and/or items. We love playing a few quick rounds of this during dinner with our kids. Cheshire Cat Tails are fun to munch on while playing this game!

Ages: 8+ (I think 5 year olds could play this too!) Time: 15 mins+

Sabobatage - Create your own boba shop and make 5 drinks before your opponents. Build drinks by layering tea, flavors, and toppings. But beware of the food inspector! This is a quick and fun game for families that love boba!

Ages: 7+ Time: 20 mins+

Hogwarts Battle - A cooperative deck-building card game. You get to play as a popular Hogwarts character to defend the wizarding world for the dark arts. There are different levels you can play so the game gets more challenging. Learn spells, gain allies, and unlock magical items to prepare to battle different villans. Make our butterbeer milkshake to enjoy during this game!

Ages: 11+ Time: 75 mins+

Catan Junior - a pirate-themed game of adventure. It's a kid version of the Catan board game, where you collect resources from each island (wood, goats, swords) to build ships and expand your pirate lair territory!

Ages: 5+ Time: 30 mins+

Mantis - There are only two rules to this card game, steal or score. Collect matching sets of rainbow-colored mantis cards to win. Easy enough for kids to play and fun enough that the adults have a good time too!

Ages: 6+ Time: 15 mins+


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