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Easy Chocolate Fondue

Updated: Jan 22

This chocolate fondue is so easy to make and only takes 3 ingredients and about 5 minutes to pull together. Something about chocolate fondue feels so decadent and fancy, but honestly, this recipe is so simple and can be made in various ways.

Chocolate fondue is a fun thing to make for your Valentine or Galentine party!

easy chocolate fondue

Easy Chocolate Fondue

Note: I make mine in a fondue pot but you can also make a double boiler.

  • 12 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips (about 2 cups)

  • 1 cup heavy cream

  • 1 tsp vanilla

  1. In a fondue pot or double boiler add in your chocolate chips and heavy cream. Heat over low heat, stirring often. You'll want to mix the cream and chocolate at the same time to keep the cream from getting too hot too quickly and curdling.

chocolate chips and heavy cream making fondue

stirring chocolate fondue in pot

chocolate fondue in fondue pot

2. Once it's melted together add in your vanilla and stir together.

3. Keep your fondue on a low heat setting and serve with fruit, cookies, donut holes, or anything that sounds good dipped in chocolate.

strawberry dipped in chocolate fondue

This fondue has a really great chocolate flavor and is super smooth and creamy and perfectly dippable!

Tips and tricks

I have a slightly older version of this Cuisinart Electric Fondue Pot but if you don't have one or don't want to invest in one, then you can heat your chocolate over a double boiler (see below for tips) and transfer to a bowl for serving at the table. If you have a little more time you can even make this in a mini crockpot and it will stay warm and dippable for a while. You can also add things to your fondue to make it slightly different, like caramel chocolate yum!

Fondue Variations

You can add in a scoop of caramel sauce or peanut butter to add some different flavors to your chocolate. You can also try it with milk or dark chocolate if you prefer those. I personally like semisweet because it feels like it has a better balance with the other sweet fruits and foods you are dipping into it.

Fondue Dippers

There are so many things you can dip in your chocolate fondue!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • strawberries

  • pound cake

  • potato chips

  • bacon

  • pineapple

  • candy oranges

  • donut holes

  • ritz crackers

  • raspberries

  • bananas

  • cheesecake bites

  • gummy worms

  • peanut brittle

  • pretzels

  • rice crispy treats

  • cookies

  • blueberries

  • apples

  • animal crackers

How to make a double boiler

To make a double boiler, you need two pots that are the same size across so that they can stack on top of each other without the top one falling into the bottom one. You're bottom pot you're going to enough water to cover the bottom of your pot and then some. You'll place the botttom pot over low heat. Then, you'll place your top bot over the pot with the water. This is the pot that you will melt you chocolate in. The bottom pot will get all simmery and steamy and provide heat for your top pot so it can melt the chocolate without burning it.

Happy dipping!


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