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Throw a Taylor Swift Themed Party

Updated: Apr 18

It was recently my birthday (yay, me!) and now I'm fully regretting not throwing a Taylor Swift-themed birthday party with my friends. We listen to Taylor a lot in this house and I'm always down for a fun party!

Would it be too late to throw a party with Taylor Swift, singing at the top of your lungs, and heart-shaped glasses as the theme? Regardless of if I end up pulling my life together enough to do a party, I wanted to share with you my ideas for a Taylor-themed bash!

This would be the perfect opportunity to have a 1989 TV album listening party!

You could go all out in a specific Taylor album-themed party, but this party inspiration board is for an all-around Eras Themed Party.

Taylor Swift Party Inspiration

Shop our newest Taylor Swift-themed gift guide! We've got TTPD inspired gifts for the tortured poets!

Looking for more Taylor Swift ideas for your party?! We've got cookies, drinks, gifts, and crafts that would add that special touch to your Eras party!

Gifts for a Taylor Swift Lover

Make sure you bring your Swiftie a fun gift! Shop our Swiftie Gift Guide for ideas!

Taylor Swift 1989 Chai Cookies

You've gotta have the Chai Cookies that Taylor Swift made during her secret sessions for 1989!

Purple lavendar cocktails on gold tray

Let's talk cocktails. We were inspired by Midnights to create this Lavender Haze cocktail. It has a soft lavender color with a frothy egg finish to look like her lavender haze clouds.

Lavendar lemonade with lemon and flowers

Want something non-alcoholic, this Lavender Lemonade is just the thing. Floral and refreshing, it's the right balance of sweet and tart!

Eras Tour Shadow Box Craft

Make an Eras Tour shadow box to display your concert or party pictures! You could frame some of the party pictures you take with your Instax camera.

Eras Tour Friendship Bracelet Holder

Make the friendship bracelets and then make this Lover House Bracelet Holder to store and display them in!

Have so much fun at your Taylor Swift Party!


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