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DIY Friendship Bracelet Glasses

These DIY friendship bracelet glasses are fun to make and cute to wear! Perfect for your Eras tour outfit, Taylor Swift party, or Valentine's Day goodie for your friends or besties!

diy friendship bracelet glasses

DIY friendship bracelet heart shaped glasses

DIY Friendship Bracelet Glasses


I liked that pack of heart-shaped glasses from Amazon because they came in 14 gorgeous colors! You could probably make a pair of glasses inspired by each of her albums. But, we only did a few for my daughter's friends and kept the Valentine-themed phrases as well. Let's get started.

  1. Once you've gathered all your supplies, decide on what color glasses you will create and what phrase you want on there.

  2. I picked out most of my beads ahead of time. The letters and the colors I wanted to go with it to make my friendship bracelet design. Choose 3 or 4 colors to create your design.

diy purple glasses with beads

glasses with glue

3. You're going to decide where to start your phrase or word. I started with my "be mine" beads about here (see above) and added a small line of glue near the edge of the top of the glasses.

4. I added a few beads at a time making sure to line them up correctly.

glasses with beads glued on

5. Once you've placed those beads, add another small line of glue and continue building your word.

6. Once you've got your word built, it's time to create the friendship bracelet effect by gluing your smaller beads in a line across the top of the glasses. I liked to pick three or four colors to create a pattern with my beads.

7. This part was a bit more tedious and required me to use the tweezers to get the beads placed how I wanted.

diy glasses craft be mine

8. Imagine the glue is the string and place your beads oriented as if they are on string to get the most authentic look. One tip that helped me was to only do a few beads at a time and then let them dry a little bit before trying to add more. That way if a bead was crooked as I was placing it and I tried to fix it then it didn't mess up the whole line.

be mine beaded heart glasses

TIP: You do want to be careful using super glue. It dries quickly and sticks to your fingers making it hard to work if you touch it. Work in sections and be patient.

be mine purple heart glasses

valentine day friendship bracelet glasses DIY

heart glasses crafts

You can play around with colors, patterns, words, or phrases that you like. I did my Lover-inspired glasses by winding my friendship bracelet down to the other side but then I didn't like it as much. It's still pretty but I think I would stick to making my bracelet design only go across the top.

But, maybe you want to make them look like bracelets going around each heart! That could be fun.

One of my favorite designs to make was this King of My Heart-themed red glasses.

Taylor Swift King of my Heart glasses

red heart glasses with beads

friendship bracelet glasses on gold background


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