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DIY Lover House Friendship Bracelet Holder

Updated: Jan 11

It's no secret to my close friends, that I'm a HUGE Swiftie! Most of the time, if you get in my car, Taylor Swift is playing, and I'm not sorry about it. My daughter and I were lucky enough to be able to attend night 2 of The Eras Tour! It was the best time and we traded so many friendship bracelets. When we came home, we created this DIY Lover/Folklore House Friendship Bracelet Holder to store all my daughter's Friendship Bracelets from the show.


Clear birdhouse (this one or this one)

Lover House printable (Just search for this on Google)

Hot glue gun


Glue dots



1. Print your Lover House background and lay your birdhouse over the house and draw an outline of where you want to cut.

NOTE: First, using Word, I cropped my Lover house to the edges of the house. Then, I resized the house to as big as I could get the actual house on the paper by opening it as a Word document, putting it on the landscape, and then using the ruler at the bottom to see how big I needed to print the image, based on the size of my birdhouse. For example, if the bottom of the birdhouse is 6 in, resize the width of your birdhouse to 6 inches and the height will auto-adjust to keep the house to scale. The dimensions of the house aren't quite the same as the birdhouse (the pitch is steeper) so you'll have to cut the top corners of the 1989 and Lover rooms but it doesn't really affect the overall look. Also, since the pitch of the roof is much steeper on the birdhouse so you'll probably have to include some of the sky at the top instead of cutting right along the roof outline. You can barely notice once it's all put together.

2. Once you've cut out your house background to fit how you like, use glue dots to glue the paper inside the birdhouse. I had to add a little tip of the night sky around the Lover House to the top of my house because the dimensions of the Lover House don't exactly match the dimensions of the birdhouse but you can't tell once it's all put together. (See the tip of extra sky I tapped in the top of the room by my fingers below)

3. Print the friendship saying printable and the eras tour printable (linked below) and cut to fit inside your birdhouse on the front and sides. I laid my birdhouse down on top of the paper and then outlined it and cut it to fit inside. Resize as needed to fit your particular birdhouse. Glue those inside your birdhouse using glue dots.

*I created the Friendship lyric printable using a font called Taylor Swift based on her handwriting and created the Eras Tour stars to match the colors in the Eras Tour collage of images.

4. Now add a touch of Folklore! I measured and cut this moss mat to fit on the roof of my house. I glued it down with hot glue.

Now, you can fill your Lover/Folklore house with your friendship bracelets, tickets, or other mementos from your Eras Tour concert!

We had so much fun making our friendship bracelets for the concert! We went the opening weekend, so we were nervous that people wouldn't be trading them, but we traded with SO many nice people and had such a blast doing it! I highly recommend making bracelets for your concert night too!

For our friendship bracelets, we mostly used colorful beads and these alphabet beads to spell out song or album names. We also used these glow-in-the-dark alphabet beads for some of our bracelets! We added charms to several of ours. One of our favorite bracelets that we made multiple ones of was this "Karma is a cat" bracelet with these cat charms on them!

I hope you guys have as much fun making this project as I did!

Do you have plans to go to The Eras Tour? Let me know in the comments!

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Jadie Mullen
Jadie Mullen
Oct 30, 2023

I like your bird house. Where did you get it? It looks different than the ones you have links to.


Unknown member
May 10, 2023

I am having trouble with my house printout. Could you be more Specific about the image Dimensions?

Catherine Murton
Catherine Murton
May 11, 2023
Replying to

Hi, sorry to hear you are having trouble. First, I cropped the image to the edges of the house and then I resized it by putting the width of my birdhouse. The height will auto-adjust to keep the scale of the house in Word. Because the house isn't quite the same dimensions as the birdhouse, you'll probably have to have the pitch of the roof also include some of the sky. You can't really tell though. You'll also have to cut the edge of the very top corners of the top 2 rooms, but it still gives the overall effect. Hope this helps!

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