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The Eras Tour Confetti DIY Shadow Box

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

If you follow my blog or know me in real life, then you know I attended The Eras Tour and got to see Taylor Swift for the first time in person! I took my daughter on a little girls' road trip and we got dressed up like the Swifties we are and had THE BEST NIGHT together singing, dancing, and trading bracelets. It was seriously so much fun!

We were lucky enough to score some floor seats and when Taylor sang All Too Well, the most magical "snow" fell all over us. It went perfectly with the line in verse 6 that goes, "I still remember the first fall of snow, And how it glistened as it fell, I remember it all too well".

Here are some screenshots from my videos of that night! I'll save you from hearing us screaming at the top of our lungs, ha!

The Eras Tour All too Well Taylor Swift Singing

Taylor Swift singing All Too Well at the Eras Tour

Confetti falling at The Eras Tour

The Eras Tour All Too Well snow confetti

My daughter and I collected a few handfuls of the confetti, but when we got home we didn't know what to do with it. We finally decided to create this The Eras Tour Confetti DIY Shadow Box to showcase our confetti and a photo of us to remember the night.

The Eras Tour Confetti DIY shadow Box

The Eras Tour Confetti DIY Shadow Box


Paper (glitter blue)

Cricut (I have a Cricut Joy)

Removable vinyl (blue and silver and transfer tape)

Tools like weeder, scraper, and glue to attach your photo.

Shop Confetti Shadow Box Supplies:

  1. Using Cricut design space, create your text for the frame of your shadow box. I chose to put the words, "The Eras Tour" on top and the date we attended, and Swift City (that was the name Glendale, AZ changed to for the weekend Taylor Swift played there) on the bottom. Make sure to measure your frame and size your words so that your words fit on your frame.

  2. Next, choose a lyric that you feel suits the vibe or song you are capturing. Honestly, there are so many good lyrics you can choose. Maybe you even want to put your "surprise songs" names on yours. Feel free to make it your own! Obviously, mine are from All Too Well 10 minute version.

  3. Create the lyrics mentioned above in Cricut design space and cut them out with your cricut. Carefully attach them to your glass in the frame. Make sure it doesn't go too far to the edge and gets covered when you put the glass back in the frame. Also keep in mind the color of the confetti that will be behind your lyrics so you can make sure it stands out.

  4. Print your favorite picture (or pictures) from the night! I printed one that I had cropped to be square on a 4x6 photo paper and cut it to look like a Polaroid photo in our frame. A nod to 1989 if you will.

  5. Measure and cut your background paper to fit the back of your frame. We were going for a blue and silver vibe so we did blue paper to highlight the white confetti but if you have the Eras-colored confetti or the leaf confetti, you may want a different vibe all together.

  6. Lastly, put your confetti in the open shadow box and close it all up. It's fun to display and give a shake every now and then like a snow globe!

three blue scrapbook paper choices

Here were my paper choices. I'm glad I went with the glittery blue!

cricut joy cutting blue vinyl

blue vinyl on glass taylor swift lyrics

This project was so off and on for me. You would think it would come together in an afternoon but with work and issues with vinyl, it just didn't happen as quickly as I would have liked. I mainly had issues with the permanent vinyl I tried to use on the project first.

We absolutely love how it turned out though! If you make a confetti shadow box like ours, please tag us on social media so we can see it!

The Eras Tour confetti DIY shadow box

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