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Taylor Swift TTPD Inspired Gift Guide

Updated: 7 days ago

It's The Tortured Poet's Department release week and we're anxiously awaiting Taylor's newest album over here. We've curated this TTPD-inspired gift guide for the Swifites in your life! From typewriters and books to poetry-inspired gifts that your inner tortured poet will enjoy.

TTPD gifts

TTPD Inspired Gift Guide

Vintage Style Typewriter - Let's bring back typed, purposeful, letters. This vintage typewriter would make a great gift and I honestly love the mint green color but they have it in other colors as well.

Edgar Allen Poet Magnetic Poetry Kit - This is so playful and fun!

Feather Quill and Ink Set - I'm getting this to write all my birthday/holiday cards with from now on.

Custom Library Stamp Embosser - This is stunning! I want a custom one for my home library.

TTPD Sweatshirt - Stay cozy while you rep your TTPD sweatshirt

Emily Dickinson Poetry Book - This is a beautiful book of poems by Emily.

Candlestick Holders - These "mismatched" candlestick holders make a stunning centerpiece.

Journal - for pouring out your heart and soul

The Lines Puzzle - Just like the one Taylor displayed at the Spotify library installation.

Ceramic Face Flower Vase - It just feels like TTPD

Poet Sign- Show everyone a poet lives here with this cute sign.

Typewriter Vase - This would make a cute piece on a bookshelf or side table

TTPD shirt - We love the style of this tee, black and white feels fitting

Writing Dice - These dice are great for writer's block or a fun writing exercise to get the creative juices flowing.

Peace Hand - Taylor signified "two" a few times, throwing up this hand symbol at the Grammy's when she announced her new album. This would look cute on a bookshelf or to hold rings and jewlery.

Typewriter Prop - The prop is the exact one that Taylor uses to promote her new lyrics

Fountain Pen - Write with "pitch black ink" with this fountain pen.


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