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Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Updated: Mar 12

If you are the mom of a tween or teen, you know that the older they get the harder they are to shop for. Their interests get a little more specific and they have their own opinions. You have to be a little more deliberate with your gifts, and that's fine.

Easter baskets are still something that I love to do for my tween (is 10 a tween, it still feels like a kid) and teen. Easter basket fillers for tweens and teens can still be fun and creative and aimed toward their likes and current trends.

Our Easter Basket Filler guide for tweens and teens has some fun ideas that won't break the bank. I usually do two or three fun things, maybe a book, and of course candy!

Easter basket fillers for tweens and teens

Dragon Eggs - These are fun fidget toys. The dragon egg shape is perfect for Easter.

Gloss nail strips - These nail strips are cute and don't require an LED light.

Story Cubes - These fun cubes are great for mixing and matching and creating fun stories together.

Waterproof speaker - If your teen likes to jam out during long showers then a waterproof speaker will elevate their shower jam session!

Tamagotchi - Bring back this retro trendy game with the classic Tamagotchi! As a millennial mom, this one brings back memories and is for sure going in our baskets this year!

Jellybeans candy - A go-to Easter candy for sure! Cute packaging too!

Origami kit - traditional Japanese patterns and over 300 papers to create with.

Hydrating face mist - For the skin care goddess these hydrating facial mists come in pretty colors and smell so good!

Bunny slippers - These bunny slippers are so cozy and cute!

Crochet kit - This bunny kit from Woobles is great for beginners who want to get into crochet.

Pocket-Sized Game Controller - This mini controller works with Android, switch and Raspberry Pi!

Zip string - this rope launcher fidget toy was featured on Shark Tank!

Butterfly claw clips - These cute clips are very on-trend!

Food Squishmallows - They may be teens and you think stuffed animals are a thing of the past but Squishmallows have a GRIP on all the tweens/teens I know! They are obsessed with these food-themed ones - takeout noodles, ice cream sandwich, avocado, or grilled cheese!

Peel-off lip stain - if your tween or teen is on social media they've probably seen these peel-off lip stains are trending. They look super fun to do.

Flying orb ball - This ball is fun to fly around the house or backyard!

Birth Flower Layered Necklace - Layered necklaces are so pretty and these birth flower one feels personalized and looks very pretty for tweens and teens.

StikBot Stopmotion Animation Kit - This starter kit has 8 posable sticky bots and a tripod to allow you to create fun stop-motion videos!


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