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Floral Bunny Headband

Updated: May 11

Easter is a fun time to make floral crafts! All the beautiful flowers in the craft stores, and outside, have inspired us to create this sweet Floral Bunny Headband for Easter and the dress-up box.

If you already have a set of old bunny ears, you can jazz them up with some flowers for a new look. We decided to create our own bunny ears out of wire and lace, for a soft and sweet look.

Gather up your supplies below and let’s get started.


1. Attach two pieces of floral wire to your headband, creating bunny ear shapes.

2. Lay out a piece of your lace, and cut it to the length of one ear. Wrap your lace around the ear shape, hot gluing to the back of the wire as you go. Trim off any excess lace.

3. Decorate with pretty flowers! Using scissors, or by just pulling off the flowers, remove the flower heads from the stems. Hot glue your flowers along the base of your ears and headband. Adding a variety of different flowers and colors will make your floral bunny headband really pop!

Have fun playing around with different colors and flower combinations. I could make about 38 of these; I got a little excited buying flowers at the craft store!

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