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Taylor Swift Eras Inspired Books

Taylor Swift Eras Inspired Books

Hello, fellow Swiftie bookworms! I'm here today with some book recommendations for you!

Taylor is a beautiful storyteller so it only makes sense that many of us Swifties would be book lovers as well. The US leg of the Eras tour may be over but our addiction to all things Taylor hasn't. Since one of my goals for this year was to read more books, I thought it would be fun to curate some Taylor Swift Eras Inspired Books. This list contains one book that I feel fits the overarching theme of each album. I had waaaay too much fun creating this post and can't wait to dive into these Eras-inspired books.

Taylor Swift Books for Each Era

Let's start at the beginning with Taylor Swift aka "Debut"

Taylor Swift inspired book

Now, I'll be honest, I know this album the least, but regardless, my overall views of it are that it's young and fresh, and you still have a wide-eyed view of the world. You yearn to be more grown-up than you are.

My Life as a Country Album is about Cam, a small-town girl experiencing her first love with the boy next door. It's told in a diary-esque way and is sweet like sweet tea y'all. With first love comes a little bit of heartbreak, and you can just picture Cam signing "Teardrops on My Guitar" as you read it. Fun fact, the author stated the book was inspired by Taylor's song "Begin Again", but we still think it is a perfect "Debut" inspired read.

Taylor Swift Fearless Inspired Book

Our Fearless TV-inspired book recommendation is Stargirl By Jerry Spinelli.

Fearless is a little more about figuring things out, finding friendships, and life from a high school girl's perspective. Stargirl is about a free-spirited high school girl. She was previously homeschooled and now she's going to a public high school where she's the "quirky outcast". People call her different from them and maybe even a little weird. Stargirl however is a genuinely kind person and embraces her individuality, even when the other kids are making fun of her. We love this brave story about nonconformity! Taylor Swift has even said that Stargirl inspired her!

Taylor Swift Speak Now Inspired book

If you like Speak Now TV, we recommend you check out When Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill.

Speak Now is feminine and a bit fairytale-esque with a current of trauma that runs beneath the surface. When Women Were Dragons is a tale about the changes we go through to become ourselves. It talks about the 1955 Mass Dragoning event where thousands of women turned into dragons - growing scales, sprouting wings, and taking to the skies leaving a trail of fiery destruction in their wake. The story follows a young girl as she unravels this forbidden story. Why did some women turn into dragons while others did not? This book is all about a world that wants to keep women small, and how they rise up and take up the space they deserve.

Taylor Swift Red inspired book

Our Red TV -inspired book recommendation is My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell.

To me, the theme of Red is turbulent relationships and the rollercoaster of emotions that come with them. "All Too Well 10-minute version" is a hit that stands out from this album and we think My Dark Vanessa is a good read that feels inspired by All Too Well. This book explores the tumultuous relationship between a teenage girl and her teacher, who professes to love her. But, when rumors of him abusing another student start to surface, Vanessa begins to see how much he manipulates her. How their relationship wasn't really what she thought it was. Maybe she's not unique, and maybe he's a predator. It screams "You kept me like a secret but I kept you like an oath".

Whew, that last one cut deep. Let's lighten the mood with 1989 TV!

Taylor Swift 1989 inspired book

1989 is very much all about big city lights, late nights on the town, rooftop bars, being young and having fun dating. French Kissing in New York is a romance novel about a young woman who moves to New York City, bustling with energy. We follow Margot on her journey to find her place as a chef in the restaurant scene. She can't stop thinking about a guy she met last year in Europe and hopes she can find him. Anything is possible in the big city! Full of food, friendship, and fate.

Taylor Swift reputation inspired book

If you like Reputation, you may enjoy Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

Reputation is giving anger, vengeance, and betrayal...and we all know the story behind "Look What You Made Me Do". The book Red Queen is set in a dystopian world of betrayal and lies, where royals have superpowers, and the world is divided by red and silver-blooded people. We follow Mare, who has been raised in poverty by the Reds. When she discovers she has powers, the Silvers want to cover this up. In this tale of treachery, she is forced to play the political game that the Silvers play. Power is a dangerous game and the only certainty is betrayal.

Taylor Swift Lover inspired book

Our Lover-inspired book recommendation is Autoboyography by Christina Lauren.

The Lover Era is purple-pink clouds, fun-loving, and a bit of whimsy. Autoboyography feels like it's written perfectly for this album. Even the cover is Lover coded in my opinion. We get to know Tanner, a bisexual teen, and Sebastian a gay boy, in this touching love story. While one boy has the support of his family, society pretends they don't exist. This story is all about coming out, embracing yourself, and living your most authentic life. Everyone in this town just needs to "Calm Down". For related reads, check out our LGBTQA+ Books for Kids and Teens.

Taylor Swift Folklore inspired book

Our Folklore book recommendation is Adelaide by Genevieve Wheeler.

Folklore is full of romanticism, exploring yourself, and finding peace within. Adelaide, is a story about Adelaide, an American living in London who falls in love with a charming Englishman. Is he "The One? As she pours herself into their relationship, she begins to lose herself a little, as he doesn't quite reciprocate the love she's giving him. He's a good guy, but does he really love her for her? She starts to get a bit desperate for his love and it starts to become a little self-destructive. This book feels very "This is Me Trying", "Mirrorball" "August", "Exile" and "The One" all rolled into a book that takes on mental and emotional health while being highly functional.

Taylor Swift Evermore inspired book

For the Evermore girlies, we think you should check out Weyward by Emilia Hart.

Evermore has witchy vibes of connecting with nature in an ivy-covered cottage. In Weyward, we follow three powerful women at different points in history, as they discover the gifts that bind them and set them apart. They each battle the patriarchy and the expectations that society has put on them, and as women as a whole. They find their inner power through their connection with nature. While there are no spells, there is magic weaved into the pages of this story. It's been on my TBR list since fall when I featured it in 13 Witchy Books for Fall. I'm hoping I can get it read soon!

Taylor Swift Midnights inspired book

Our Midnights-inspired book recommendation is The Lies I Tell by Julie Clark.

Midnights is the album about 13 sleepless nights, but as Taylor mentions, it's also about the "floors we pace and the demons we face". The Lies I Tell is a story of two women who are seeking justice for their pasts and hope to rewrite their futures. It's a bit of "Vigilante Shit" and "Karma", as one woman is a con artist who can change who she needs to be to get the job done and the other is out for revenge. This book is a quick-paced thriller with strong protagonist female characters.

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