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Best Camping Gifts

Updated: 7 days ago

When I was a kid, I used to go camping with my family in our camper. Now, as an adult, I have enjoyed my share of tent camping trips as well. I'm sharing some of my favorite camping gifts and accessories that will make your next camping trip even more fun!

We rounded up a little bit of everything, from RV camping to tent camping, kids to tech-loving adults, there is something for everyone in this camping gift guide. I hope everyone gets to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer and take lots of trips to the mountains and lakes to enjoy nature.

Smores Caddy

camping gift smores caddy

Starting off strong with this cute Smores Caddy. It is a cooler bag for all your smores ingredients and 4 telescoping roasting sticks

Camping Hat

camping gift camp hat

If you're like me, camping means no hair and makeup, but I still want to feel cute. This Camping Hair Hat is the perfect camping accessory!

Camping Cutting Board

camping gift kitchen gear

This Camping Cutting Board is a 9-in-1 multifunctional tool for any camp kitchen! The best part, it's foldable!

Cooler Light

cooler light for camping

Upgrade your cooler with this Cooler Light to keep the party going late into the night.

RV potholders

cute camping potholders with RV

These Happy Camper Pot Holders are just too cute! They would make a great gift for someone with a camper.

Shower Caddy

shower caddy for camping

Keep your toiletries organized with this Shower Caddy

Movie Projector

best outdoor movie projector for camping

This one is a splurge, but this Movie Projector is too cool! Connect your phone, tv stick, laptop, or USB to project movies onto a wall, white sheet, or the side of your camper for an outdoor movie night while camping!

Camping Table

portable camping table

There never feels like there is enough space while camping, but this Folding Camping Table comes in handy with built in cup holders.

Camping Lantern

rechargable camping lantern

You gotta have light when you're camping. We love this LED rechargeable camping lantern that can unfold to create an overhead light or act as a flashlight.

Travel Pillow

Kids will love coloring in the map on a road trip on this US map camping pillow.

Picnic Tablecloth

picnic tablecloth with camping design

How cute is this washable Camping tablecloth set. It comes with clips and a storage bag as well and fits most picnic tables.

Campfire Popcorn

cooking popcorn over campfire

Enjoy some fresh popcorn at the campsite with this Open fire popcorn maker.

Light up Hat

camping hat with beanie

Don't get stuck in the dark trying to find the bathroom. Stay safe with this Beanie hat with light.

Solar Powered Bank

portable solar powered bank

Keep your phone charged with this Solar powered bank. It's waterproof, lightweight, and has a compass.

Campsite Flag

cute personalized campsite flag

Make your presence known with a Personalized campsite flag. This one is my favorite!

Be sure to pin this camping gifts guide and share it with family and friends!

best gifts for people who like to camp

What gadget is your favorite to add to your camping gear or gift to family and friends?


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