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Flower Jars Craft

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

These pretty little flower jars are a perfect way to keep those little flowers that kids like to collect. This is a fun craft to do after a nature walk, for Mom on Mother's Day or just because if you have flowers blooming nearby.

It's super easy to make, but older kids will be able to lay their flowers down better without petals getting smooshed or fingers sticking to the tape as much.

Here's how you can make your own

Flower Jar Craft!



Packing tape

Flowers and leaves

  1. Cut out your jar printable (I used cardstock) so that you have the outline of the jar with blank space in the middle.

  2. Flip your jar over and gently (so it doesn't stick to the table too much) add tape on the back, overlapping slightly within the jar and around the edges. You're going to cut those edges later so don't worry about them.

3. Flip your jar back over and fill with flowers and/or leaves arranged however you like them.

4. Tear off a piece of tape and lay across the biggest section of flowers. Press down to seal.

Just like you taped the back, continue to layer the packing tape across the front of the jar "sealing" your flowers in. Remember to overlap it at the sides and between pieces of tape.

5. Trim up the outer edges of your jar with scissors.

These are pretty displayed in a window. They are like nature suncatchers!

* Please note, this craft does not preserve your flowers, most flowers keep their color for a few days. Pressed flowers could also work for this craft and would last longer.

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