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DIY Easy Fairy Gardens

Updated: Apr 18

When the weather is nice, we always want to spend all our free time outdoors. Our patio becomes our second living room/kitchen. It's fun to spruce up the patio with these cute and easy DIY fairy gardens that bring a lot of joy to look at.

It's a great activity for kids of all ages to get involved, create something "magical" and get their hands dirty in the garden a little bit.

It's a great activity to let kids express their different personalities by letting them choose their own fairy house and flowers for the pot.

The first thing you will need is a big flower pot. I personally like these 22 inch pots that look like stone but are made of plastic so they aren't as fragile and can be easily moved around the patio.

Once you've got your pot, you need some fun fairy decor. A fairy house is a must! It is exciting to see what kids choose. One of my kids chose a strawberry fairy house and the other chose an acorn fairy house.

Here are some other fairy houses that would look darling in a fairy garden.

Once you've decided on a fairy house, hit up your local nursery to shop for some pretty flowers! I suggest getting 2 or 3 small flowers to put around your fairy house.

Once you've got your flowers planted and houses placed where you want them, time to make it even more personalized. Kids will enjoy making little stone pathways up to their fairy houses and can even make it more fun with fairy garden accessories like a bridge, chairs and tables, little animals, signs, fairies, flower umbrellas, and more!

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