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DIY Book Bouquet

We love a pretty flower bouquet but today we are upping our game and making a DIY book bouquet that is perfect for surprising a friend or loved one! These make great birthday gifts for bookworms in your life.

how to make a book bouquet

DIY Book Bouquet




duct tape or another sturdy tape

brown paper (or paper of your color)

string or twine

tissue paper (optional)

fresh or faux flowers - I used 2 different types of fresh flowers


  1. Pick your books. I found the book bouquet easiest to make with three books otherwise the bouquet gets too big and heavy to hold.

  2. Wrap each book in the clear cellophane and tape them up. Like little presents. This keeps the books protected but you can still see what the books are when you make your bouquet.

  3. Using duct tape, attach a dowel to the back of each book. Then you can arrange your books in a shape with 2 books in the back and 1 book in the front.

wrapping a book

wooden dowel on back of book

make a book bouquet

4. Now that we have the basic shape, cut out your brown paper to be slightly wider and longer than your books on sticks. Do this twice, you'll save the second piece of paper for later. ( Note, if you want more color you can add tissue paper between your books and the brown paper). I like the simplicity of the brown paper and flowers but feel free to personalize it to suit your needs or the person you are giving it to.

5. Next, we're going to place flowers around to form the bouquet. I used 2 different flowers to add contrast but keep it simple and not visually overwhelming with too many colors.

making a book bouquet

how to make a book bouquet for mothers day

6. Now you're going to fold over the paper at the base, leaving the top open. Tie with twine to secure it.

7. This is the time you are going to use that second sheet of brown paper. Cut it in half so that you have two almost equally sized pieces. Fold one piece at a diaganol as seen below and lay it on the front of your bouquet bunching it together at the same spot where you did your first layer of brown paper.

how to wrap paper around a flower bouquet

brown paper on flower bouquet

book and flower bouquet

8. Repeat this step a second time on the other side of your bouquet. Tie wtih twine or tape to secure it down.

9. Lastly, you can decorate your bouquet with a ribbon and you have a beautiful DIY book bouquet to give as a gift!

book bouquet with pink ribbon

book bouquet with flowers

diy book bouquet


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