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DIY TTPD clock necklace

TTPD clock necklace

Welcome to our female rage era! We can't believe it has barely been over 1 month since The Tortured Poets Department has dropped and we're fully obsessed with listening to it. We decided it would be fun to try to recreate Taylor's watch necklace that she wore at the Grammys when she announced TTPD. It was easier than we expected and we had a lot of fun creating it.

the tortured poets department clock necklace

Here's how we made this DIY TTPD clock necklace!


super glue


  1. Measure your neck or whoever you are making this necklace for. Then you will cut your ribbon 1 inch shorter than you measured. Our model measured 13 inches so we cut our ribbon to 12 inches long.

measuring ribbon for necklace craft

2. Grab one of the crimp clamps out of your jewelry-making kit and line it up on one edge of your ribbon. Use your wire clamps to close it gently, squeezing along the edge of the clamp.

necklace making kit

making jewelry

TTPD clock necklace supplies

3. Choose what watch you want to be the watch for your necklace. Slide it on the other side of your ribbon, making sure the ribbon lays behind it. Once you get the watch centered on your ribbon, add some super glue to the back of the ribbon to help secure it in place. Let dry completely, this only takes a few minutes.

4. Now you can add the same type of crimp clamp to the other side of your ribbon, using the same technique you used with the first side.

5. Add one jump ring and 1 claw clamp to one side. Use your wire clamps to open and close the jump ring. You'll want to do this on whatever side your dominant hand is on so you can put the necklace on easily. Also, decide how you want your watch to orient on your neck. Taylor's watch had the 12 facing her left ear so we did the same.

easy diy choker necklace

6. On the other side you can add the string of jump rings using your wire clamps.

diy ribbon necklace

The Tortured Poets Department DIY watch necklace

You're done! It's a pretty easy craft. You can play around with different types of ribbons or other necklace accessories you like with it. We tried a lacy ribbon but, ultimately it wasn't sturdy enough to hold up the watch.

TTPD craft necklace

Be sure to check out our Taylor Era page with lots of fun ideas or if you're looking for TTPD specific posts, head over to our candle painting TTPD listening party, TTPD inspired gift guide, and black and white snack board.


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