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How to Throw a Candle Painting Party

Yes, I said candle painting. This is a fun twist on a painting night at home. We threw a candle painting girls night in a few weeks ago. Ours the weekend that The Tortured Poets Department was released and listened to all 31 of Taylor's new songs as a group while we painted. Candle painting and TTPD listening party, what could be better?

host a candle painting party

You could probably do candle painting with paint but that doesn't seem safe to burn and I wanted our candles to be functional. We painted our candles using wax from tea light candles.

Here's everything I bought to throw a candle painting party!

Candle Painting Party


supplies for candle painting party

candle painting party

How to paint wax on candles

The concept is simple. Light the mini tea candles in a variety of colors and let everyone "paint" on their pillar or taper candles with the melted wax from the tea lights, whatever design they choose.

Little tip, you do have to move fairly quickly because the wax can dry quickly on your brush. You can get really creative with your designs! We did a lot of florals, hearts, and bows!

Sometimes you have to "dab" the melted wax onto your candle and sometimes you can make small paint marks. Play around with different techniques, just be careful and don't put your hand too close to the flame.

wildflowers in bud vases

We kept the whole night pretty casual. I decorated the table with fresh wildflowers in mini bud vases to serve as inspiration for our candle paintings. For snacks, I created a black and white snack board to go with our TTPD vibes and we had a build your own mini pizza bar.

black and white snack board

how to paint candles

painted candles

This set of candle holders makes a great place for everyone to put their candles once they are done painting them.

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Would you do a candle painting party with your friends?


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