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Taylor Swift Reputation Donuts

Reputation is coming.

You know it! I know it!

The question is, are we ready for it?

I think her re-record of her Reputation album is going to be amazing and I'm hoping it drops later this month. In honor of our Reputation Era being on the horizon (fingers crossed) I made some Taylor Swift Reputation Donuts that look like they have friendship bracelets on them.

Taylor Swift Reputation Donuts

Taylor Swift Reputation Donuts


Donuts - chocolate because it's dark for Reputation. I got mine from Dunkin but feel free to get whatever kind you want.

Mini star sprinkles - I used the red and white ones

rainbow chip crunch sprinkles - I used red and black


Once you have all your supplies you can start assembling your Reputation Donuts.

I decided what word I wanted to write on my friendship bracelet before I started creating each donut. Using your edible food maker, flip the candy eyeballs over and write out your phrase letter by letter on each eyeball.

edible pen with candy eyeballs

Here is a list of Reputation inspired lyrics/phrases you can use. I put stars by the ones I used:

*Big Rep

*LWYMMD (Look what you made me do)

*End Game

*A Team

*Ready 4 It

*King of my "heart"

*123, LGB (chant from the Eras tour)

*Rep Era

Ocean blue eyes


Poison Ivy

Be my jailer

Light me up


Getaway Car

Go, go, go

I fancy you

Best of times

Golden tattoo

Don't blame me

Let the games begin "games begin"

Love made me crazy

In my dreams

Island Breeze

American Queen

New Years Day

CIWYW (Call it what you want)

So it goes

IDSB (I did something bad)


TIWWCHNT (This is why we can't have nice things)


Cuz she's dead


There are so many good phrases you could use. The shorter ones work better for bracelets and donuts so keep that in mind.

On your donut, draw a circle on the top to be the outline of your "friendship bracelet" design.

Carefully stick each letter on the spell out your word. Once you've created your word continue filling in the bracelet with different sprinkles. I kept to the red, black, white, and silver color scheme.

making edible friendship bracelet donuts

This would be fun at a Taylor Swift-themed party or even for the Superbowl because we know Swifties are representing this year! The phrases - End game, Big rep, A team.... all work great for this Superbowl!

Edible friendship bracelet donuts

123 LGB reputation chant donut

king of my heart friendship bracelet donut

Reputation inspired friendship donuts

These are fun to make and to eat!

Be sure to check out our other Taylor Swift page for more Taylor-inspired posts and if you're making these for the Superbowl, why not make some friendship bracelet glasses to go with them? We are going to be wearing our red King of My Heart glasses during the game as we cheer on the Chiefs and Travis. I don't even feel bad about it.


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