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Edible Friendship Bracelet Skewers

If you are having some friends over for a party and want a quick wow factor, our easy chocolate fondue and edible friendship bracelet skewers are the way to go. These fruit skewers are inspired by the friendship bracelets from the Eras tour and our girl Taylor Swift.

edible friendship bracelet skewers

This would be a perfect snack for Valentine's Day, Taylor Swift party, or a book club get-together. If you missed our Taylor Swift Eras-inspired book recommendations, you should go check it out

edible fruit friedship bracelets on plate

Edible Friendship Bracelet Skewers

  • Fruit - I choose to use strawberries and raspberries

  • Marshmallows - These will be your letter "beads"

  • Edible pens - Easy to create your letters on the marshmallows

  • Donut holes - because why not, they taste amazing in the chocolate fondue

  • Bamboo skewers - Dip them in water to make it easier to slide on the marshmallows

These edible pens were so easy to use. I used the dab technique instead of dragging the pen across the marshmallow to get clean lines.

fondue dippers fruit skewers that look like friendship bracelets

taylor swift fondue party frienship bracelet skewers

You can either pre-make these for everyone to have plated when they arrive. They would make cute placeholders for where people might sit. Or, you can have everything divided into bowls for each person to create their own edible friendship bracelet skewer during the party.

Strawberry Hearts

Also, strawberries cut into heart shapes are easy and fun for these fruit skewers.

cutting a strawberry into a heart shape

strawberry shaped like heart

I simply cut a V shape a the top by the stem and then round up the edges so it's smooth. The left side is rounded and the right side isn't rounded yet.

I also felt like they were too big so I cut them in half as well.


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