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Printable Bookworm Bookmarks

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Summer is great for "chillin'" (as my son says) but, it's also a great time to read some good books! I created these adorable printable summer reading challenge bookmarks aka "bookworm bookmarks" to help kids track their reading this summer.

summer reading challenge bookmarks for kids

cute summer reading bookworm bookmark for kids

bookworm bookmarks you can color

We always seem to use our library card the most during the summer break. I'm always encouraging my kids to find new, interesting books to read over Summer when we have the most downtime. It gives their brain something to do (helps combat that summer slide) and it also gives us some quiet time each day to decompress.

There are 4 different bookworm bookmarks that you can print and use this summer. Either use the ones that suit your needs the most, or print them all and see how many bookworms you can get filled in by the end of summer break!

color printable bookworm bookmarks for summer reading challenge

coloring bookworm bookmarks for summer

Sulwe book and bookworm bookmark

Each bookmark has a variety of reading prompts like "read outside", "read a book about someone different than you", "read a book with magic in it" and much more! There are eight different prompts on each bookmark. Once that book is read, fill in the bookworm's body segment with the coordinating color. You don't have to go in order at all, it's just something fun to add to your summer.

Print our bookworm summer reading challenge bookmarks (link below) and take them with you the next time you head to your local library!

4 printable bookworm bookmarks for summer reading challenge

Need a home printer?

We like this one, it's on sale for under $65 and it comes with 6 months of free ink!

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What are you and your kids reading this Summer?


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