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Bookworm Library Bag

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The Summer can be soo hot here in Arizona. We like to spend the hottest part of the day indoors. One of our favorite ways to hide from the blazing sun, during the middle of the day, is with a stack of books from the library to read. Since we read a lot during our summer break, we made a DIY bookworm library bag to carry our books in and the kids love carrying their books in it!

For this craft, we jazzed up a simple canvas bag with some pom pom “bookworms” for our little bookworm.

Bookworm Library Bag Craft


This DIY Bookworm Library Bag is pretty easy to make but younger kids will need some help.

1. Use stencils and fabric paint to spell out their name, or spell out the word “bookworm” along the top of the bag like we did.

2. Draw a squiggly line of fabric glue and let the kids create a body for their bookworms. If you’re using hot glue, only add one dot of glue as you glue down each pom pom to prevent the glue from drying to fast. Add a larger pom-pom for the head of the bookworm.

We found these cute rainbow-colored pom-poms, that were a fun addition to this craft!

3. Lastly, glue on some googly eyes and add puffy paint legs and then let it dry overnight.

Take to the library and let your little bookworms fill their new DIY library bag with as many books as they can carry! Now head over to your local library and sign up for their summer reading program!


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