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Free Printable Valentine Cards for Swifties

We are in our Valentine era and we're loving it!

We have shared watercolor lover cookies, DIY bracelet glasses, and friendship bracelet skewers and fondue! Today, we're sharing some super cute free printable Valentine's Day cards for Swifties!

free printable valentine cards for swifties

These would be perfect for your little Swiftie to give out to their class or friends this Valentine's Day! These cards are the perfect mix of classic conversation heart candies and Taylor Swift lyrics.

We created 4 different but similar designs.

taylor swift inspired valentine cards

These would be so cute attached to a pack of conversation hearts or add a friendship bracelet to each one!

Save this to your Pinterest board for Valentine's Day so you can find it later!

free printable Taylor Swift Valentine's Day cards

For more Valentine's Day content, head over to our Valentine's Day page to read them all. Looking for another holiday or want to browse by season, we have that too.


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