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Southern Banana Pudding

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

When it comes to summer in the South, everyone has their favorite Banana Pudding recipe. You're pretty much guaranteed to find a banana pudding at every potluck or family function. This is my family's favorite banana pudding recipe. I am from Savannah, Georgia, and I don't know about you, but I've seen so many videos lately of the Savannah Banana's baseball team antics on my social media accounts. Their videos always catch my eye and it made me think of this recipe, so I decided to share it.

I make this Southern Banana Pudding recipe every year when the weather warms up and like to make it for friends for special occasions like having a baby!

Bowl of banana pudding

Southern Banana Pudding


1 large box of instant vanilla pudding

8 oz sour cream

12 oz Cool Whip (thawed in fridge)

6 large bananas, chopped

1 box Vanilla Wafers

milk, see directions on the pudding package



1. Mix the pudding and milk as directed on the package.

2. Add in the sour cream and mix well with a whisk.

3. Fold in Cool Whip.

4. Layer Vanilla Wafers, chopped bananas, and pudding mixture.

5. Refrigerate overnight before serving.

looking down on bowl of banana pudding

southern banana pudding recipe

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southern banana udding recipe post


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