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DIY Hanging Plant Decor

I love indoor plants but after collecting quite a few, I needed a pretty way to display them. I created this DIY Hanging Plant Decor to display my indoor plants. I've even gifted them to friends for their birthdays.

hanging plant decor pinterest

diy hanging plant decor


Large branch (Mine is dried cholla cactus but a branch works just as well)


potting dirt

plants (this holds 5 plants)

hot glue

sandpaper (optional)

Shop project supplies:
  1. Clean your branch and sand down any rough edges as needed.

  2. Decide how far apart you want to space your plants and in which order you want to hang them. (My order from left to right was the one with the weaved pattern, double hanging basket, beaded hanging basket, and lastly the twisted style hanging basket.

  3. Using your twine, wrap it around the wood where you want the plants to hang, putting it through your hanging basket loop or ring several times, and tying the hanging basket to it. The plants get heavy with dirt, water, and the plant themselves so make sure you wrap it several times to give it good support. Secure your knot several times. I used hot glue on my knots after I tied them several times and trimmed down the excess.

  4. Repeat the previous process for the following hanging baskets.

  5. To create a way to hang it, near the ends of the last hanging baskets, tie more twine, making a loop at the top for your hooks to slide in. You may have to measure this one to make sure the hooks can be looped under.

  6. Using a drill, attach your hooks to the ceiling. Hang your hanging planter on it.

  7. I planted each plant in their respective pots and then gently placed them in the macrame planter. Be sure to keep the saucer under the pot to catch any excess water later.

cactus for plant decor

twine for diy crafts

details of hanging plant display

window display hanging plants

macrame hanging plant decor

And then sit back and enjoy your masterpiece!

This hanging plant decor really brightens up the bay window in my breakfast nook.

Do you have a favorite indoor plant? Mine is the Tradescantia with its stunning, shimmery purple and green leaves. You can find a Tradescantia plant care guide for them on Bloomscape.


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