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Barbie Outfit Inspiration

If you're anything like me, Barbie dolls were a staple in your childhood. My friends and I played Barbies a lot together. I won't name names, but we even got certain brothers in on the Barbie fun! I made a DIY cardboard Barbie house as a child and had so much fun cutting and gluing "decor", aka magazine clippings, into my house. From pictures of rugs to art, and even kitchen appliances, Barbie had her dream house decked out!

Once I had my daughter, she had her own 3 story doll house. Barbie had her own private pool, jacuzzi horses, and a convertible! Almost all of it was that signature Barbie pink color!

The new Barbie movie is a chance to dress up and bring back that nostalgic Barbie pink! We've rounded up some cute Barbie outfit inspiration to wear to the Barbie movie with friends, costume party, or even incorporate into your closet for everyday wear. Why not embrace our inner girlie girl?! Barbie says we can do/be anything, so let's embrace that attitude!

Barbie Inspired Outfits

Barbie Outfit Inspiration by Rows

Retro Love Glasses, Pink Earrings Set, Pink Tulle Dress

Pink Ruffle Dress , Tweed Dress Suit , Hot Pink Dress , Pink Romper

Barbie Girl Shirt , Barbie Party Shirt , Pink Barbie Shirt , Barbie 90's Tank

Square Neck Top, Bow Crop Top, Off Shoulder Top , Sequin Shorts

Criss Cross Halter Top, Pink Feather Top , Sequin Skirt, Leg Warmers Set, Pink Converse Shoes, Metallic Skirt, Barbie Necklace

How will you add pink to your outfit? See you at the movies!

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