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DIY Cheesecloth Ghosts

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

I remember a family friend making cheesecloth ghosts when I was a child. Although I loved them at the time, I never made them myself until I was a mom with kids and wanted more "homemade" Halloween decor. These ghosts are simple but make a big impact and are seriously so cute!

The ones I remember from childhood were simple, but I added matching buntings to my ghosts to match my DIY Happy Halloween Bunting.

trick or treat ghosts holding banners halloween decorations


DIY Cheesecloth Ghost Directions

Step 1: Create the shape for your ghosts by setting a blown-up balloon in a vase or jar. I used a pipe cleaner under the balloon to create arm shapes. Play around with different sizes of ghosts to see what you like best. I used pieces of tape to secure my balloons to the jars before I began adding my cheesecloth. This will give your ghost a head and arm shape.

*Note: Be sure to put your ghost shapes on a clean tray to keep the mess contained once you add the liquid starch.

Step 2: Measure and precut your cheesecloth to fit your ghosts. I discovered I liked 3-4 layers of cheesecloth to achieve the transparency I desired. Make sure to leave enough cheesecloth at the bottom of each ghost to puddle and create a base for the ghosts to stand up.

Step 3: Pour some liquid starch into a bowl and wet your cheesecloth. Be careful your layers don’t get too bunched up. When your cheesecloth is completely wet, sloth off some of the excess and arrange it on your ghost mold, draping from front to back. You have time to arrange it how you like making sure you leave a puddle of cheesecloth around the front and back for your ghost base. Once you are satisfied with your ghosts, let them dry overnight.

making cheesecloth ghosts

making ghosts out of cheesecloth

Step 4: While you wait for your ghosts to dry you can create their banners. I wanted my ghosts to be holding bunting that matched my DIY Happy Halloween Bunting. I used a few extra pieces of the black burlap bunting and cut mini buntings to match for my ghosts.

Step 5: Cut rectangles the size you need and then snip out a triangle shape from the bottom going from each corner at an angle to the middle of your rectangle to creating a bunting shape. Using white paint, create your letters. I made my buntings say “boo” for the big ghost and “trick” “or” “treat” buntings for the 3 smaller ghosts.

painting a boo banner for halloween

Step 6: Gently remove the ghosts from their mold. I popped my balloons and just loosed the ghosts from the ornament molds. They look awesome don’t they!

Step 7: Now you can attach your buntings. Thread your bunting letters onto twine and attach them through each of the ghost’s hands. Tie a knot on the underside of the ghost hand to keep the bunting attached.

cheesecloth ghost craft holding a black and white banner that says boo

easy diy cheesecloth ghosts

These DIY Cheesecloth Ghosts make a great centerpiece for a Halloween party or just use them to decorate around your house. Make large ghosts and place battery-operated tea lights under them to line your steps or walkway outside! They just make me so happy!

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