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  • Lavender Lemonade

    This Lavender Lemonade is light and refreshing, with a light floral flavor. It is perfect for Spring and Summer celebrations, or just for fun! Serve this pretty lavender lemonade at brunch, tea parties, baby or wedding showers, or any event you want to feel fancy. It's just so pretty to sip on! It has a subtle lavender flavor. You can make it stronger if you steep your lavender flowers for longer in the recipe below. Lavender Lemonade Ingredients: 1/2 - 3/4 cup of sugar, depending on how sweet you like your lemonade 1/4 cup honey 6 cups of water, divided into 2 and 4 cups 3 tablespoons dried edible lavender flowers (also found in some spice aisles) juice of 12 lemons, about 2 cups purple gel food coloring lemon slices for garnish Note: This makes about 2 quarts of lemonade. Store covered, in the refrigerator for about a week. Directions: In a medium saucepan, bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Stir in the sugar and honey until dissolved and remove from heat. Add in your lavender flowers and let steep for about 1 hour, like tea. Juice your lemons and set the juice in the fridge to start chilling. Note: This juicer is the fastest, most efficient way to juice your lemons. And it comes in a few cute colors so you can coordinate with your kitchen if you want to. After your hour has passed, strain your lavender water into a bowl or pitcher and discard the lavender flowers. In a large pitcher, add your lemon juice, lavender juice, and the other 4 cups of water. To make it more of the typical lavender color, add a few drops of purple food coloring. I added 4 drops to mine to get this soft purple color. Serve over ice and garnish the glasses with lemon wedges and faux purple flowers if desired. Give this lavender lemonade a try and let us know if you liked it! If you're in a Lavender Haze mood, check out our popular Lover/Folklore House Friendship Bracelet DIY, get crafty with our Eras Tour Confetti Shadow Box or mix things up with our Lavender Haze Cocktail! For more Taylor Swift! Serve this lemonade at your very own Taylor Swift Party! Check out our party inspiration post.

  • Mini Lemon Flower Tarts

    These Mini Lemon Flower Tarts are perfect for any Spring celebration, including a Mother's Day Brunch! These two-ingredient mini lemon tarts are super simple and make a stunning presentation for any Spring gathering. We loved them for Easter brunch and think they would be a stunning addition to your Mother's Day celebration! Mini Lemon Flower Tarts Recipe Ingredients: 1 box Ready-to-Bake roll-out pie crusts 1 can lemon creme (We used a can of Duncan Hines lemon creme found in the baking section) powdered sugar, optional Supplies: Flower cookie cutter mini cupcake pan Directions: Set your pie crust out, to become room temperature. Preheat your oven to 450F. Once your dough is room temp, roll it out and cut flower shapes out of it with this flower cookie cutter. 1 pie crust makes about 7 flowers, plan accordingly. Tuck each pie flower down into the mini cupcake pan, being sure to press them down into the bottom well, and gently fold the petals back around the top of the cupcake pan. Give the bottom and sides a few pokes with a fork. Bake for 5-6 minutes. 5 minutes was the sweet spot for me but your oven might be slightly different. Gently remove the flowers and let them cool for a few minutes on a wire rack. Spoon the lemon creme into a plastic baggie and cut the tip off. Pipe the lemon creme into the center of the mini flowers. Refrigerate for a few hours or until ready to serve. Sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired before serving. I tilted my flowers so that the powdered sugar got on the petals and not the pretty yellow filling. These would be a sweet treat to serve for a Mother’s Day Brunch! Moms always love flowers and they would make such a pretty presentation. These sweet lemon tarts would even be great for a baby or wedding shower or even a tea party or any celebration really! They are so pretty and bite-sized! This post may contain affiliate links.

  • Gifts for Moms

    Mother's Day is right around the corner and we've been scouring the internet and quizzing our friends to find out the best gifts for Moms this Mother's Day! We know each mom is special and unique so we curated gifts for mom based on her likes and hobbies. Maybe she is a Swiftie mom or likes to garden? We have 9 different themed mini gift guides to shop with over 45 unique gift ideas, you're sure to find something you love for Mom this Mother's Day! Gifts for Moms Gifts for Moms Who Garden Garden tool kit - This 9-piece kit is great for moms who like to spend time out in the garden. Propagation Station - Look how cute this propagation station is! It can also double as a bud vase. Smart Bird Feeder - Birdfy has a few different bird feeders that can connect to your phone and provide video and photos as well as bird identification. Will mom like the bird feeder or hummingbird feeder? Window Herb Garden - If mom likes to cook and garden this is a great gift to combine them both. Mom can grow her own herbs to use in the kitchen. Butterfly Stakes - Three pretty butterflies to adore Mom's garden with this Spring/Summer. Sunhat - Keep mom cool and shaded in this wide-brimmed sunhat with SPF Gifts for Swiftie Moms Mom Era Shirt - Perfect for the Swiftie Mom! Taylor Made Eye Kit - Path McGrath released a Taylor Made Eye kit so you can do your eye makeup like Taylor. Also, check out their lip kit too! Record Car Freshener - How cute is this car freshener that looks like a record player with mini TS records?!! TV rug - It's true, in this house, we listen to Taylor's Version Taylor Affirmations- Give mom some positive affirmations straight from Taylor's lyrics For more like these, check out our Swiftie Gift Guide! Gifts for Disney Moms Disney Tumbler - Yes, it's dishwasher safe. You know Mom will ask. This Tumbler has all the things we love and it's Disney! Disney Fleece Lounge Hoodie - Keep mom cozy as she scrolls her Disney IG reels in this fleece lounge hoodie. Disney Drinks Recipe Book - Mom can make Disney-inspired drinks at home with this unofficial recipe book. Lego Stitch - Look at how cute Stitch is in this new Lego kit released this Spring! Minnie Earrings - These are cute for a day at the parks or a day driving kids around to school and activities! Looking for more? We shared a Gifts for Disney Lovers gift guide! Gifts to Pamper Mom Face Sculpting Tool - This seven-in-one face massager has red light therapy and can help pamper mom's face. Reduce puffiness, clear pores, and soothe your face as you give yourself a mini facial! Smart Goggles - These Bluetooth eye goggles help reduce migraines and promote better sleep. With its heated eye pads and face massager this is sure to help mom relax and reset. Loungewear - There is nothing like taking off your "outside" clothes and slipping into something cozy. This loungewear set screams "comfy". Bathbomb set - Help mom melt away her worries with this cute set of scented bath bombs. Heated Back Massager - Pamper mom with this cordless back massager. Pamper Kit - This kit has everything mom will need to pamper herself for at least 15 minutes. Gifts for Quality Time with Mom Pickleball set - Learn a new sport with Mom this year. Gift mom a pickleball set and sign you and her up for lessons to spend time together. Things to do with mom cards - These scratch-off cards are a fun way to spend quality time with mom! Mystery Board Game - Death by Chocolate sounds like a fun mystery board game to play with older kiddos. Candle-Making Kit - Do a fun craft or activity together. Mom may like making candles with you. She will think of you every time she burns it Thoughtful Gifts for Mom Smartphone printer - This mini printer can print directly from iOS or Android. Perfect for the moms who want physical copies of photos to frame and not just in their phones. Memory Journal - Only one line a day, perfect for busy moms who are in the thick of it but want to remember the sweet little moments. Bracelet - This is more than just a simple bracelet, this bracelet contains a picture of you and Mom doing something fun. Capture a memory and preserve it in this custom bracelet for mom to wear! What I love about Mom Book - This book is a thoughtful way to tell Mom all the ways you love her! Another thoughtful gift idea is our DIY Book Bouquet. Perfect for the mom who likes to read in her free time. Gifts for the Glam Mom Kendra Scott Layered Opal Necklace - This is a beautiful piece of jewelry with a pretty opal stone. We love these layered necklaces! Wave Bracelet - We all know that sometimes parenting is hard and we have to roll with the ebbs and flows of motherhood. This sweet wave bracelet reminds Mom that we love that she is there for all of it. Chanel perfume - Chanel No 5 is one of the most iconic and beloved perfumes out there and for good reason. Lange Hair Tool - This 2 in 1 tool is a straightener and curling iron in one with cooling air vents that lock in the style for all-day wear! Ray Ban Sunglasses - She'll be the coolest mom at the school pickup line in her new sunnies! Gifts for the Busy Moms Smart Ring - Take mom's fitness tracking to the next level with this rose gold Oura smart ring. It monitors over 20 different biometrics while she's on the go. Skylight Calendar - Help mom stay organized with this Skylight smart calendar with a touch screen and interactive display. Audible Subscription - If you're like me you want to read but just don't have the time to sit down and read a physical book as often as I would like. Massage Giftcard - Busy moms get tired and don't always make time for themselves but I bet if you gift mom with a massage she WILL use it! Gourmet Coffee of the Month Club - Keep mom fueled up for her busy life with this coffee club that delivers gourmet coffee right to her door. Gifts for Moms Who Travel Passport Holder - This can hold passports, important documents, change, and even her phone! Weekend Travel Bag Set - This bag and toiletry bag are perfect for weekend getaways. It comes in a variety of fun colors! Might as well get one for yourself too! Travel Pillow - Unless you get upgraded on flights it can be hard to sleep. This is one of the highest-rated travel pillows out there! Travel Map - This deluxe travel map helps you keep track of places you've been or want to go! Portable Charger - Perfect for any kind of travel, this portable charger can go with you and keep you connected. We like that it can even be charged by the sun! Jewelry case - Get this personalized jewelry case so mom can keep her jewelry organized on her trip. Don't want to spend a lot, you can always make Mom breakfast or cook dinner for her! Want to plan ahead for Father's Day? Be sure to check out our Father's Day Gift Guide for tons of ideas!

  • Taylor Swift TTPD Inspired Gift Guide

    It's The Tortured Poet's Department release week and we're anxiously awaiting Taylor's newest album over here. We've curated this TTPD-inspired gift guide for the Swifites in your life! From typewriters and books to poetry-inspired gifts that your inner tortured poet will enjoy. TTPD Inspired Gift Guide Vintage Style Typewriter - Let's bring back typed, purposeful, letters. This vintage typewriter would make a great gift and I honestly love the mint green color but they have it in other colors as well. Edgar Allen Poet Magnetic Poetry Kit - This is so playful and fun! Feather Quill and Ink Set - I'm getting this to write all my birthday/holiday cards with from now on. Custom Library Stamp Embosser - This is stunning! I want a custom one for my home library. TTPD Sweatshirt - Stay cozy while you rep your TTPD sweatshirt Emily Dickinson Poetry Book - This is a beautiful book of poems by Emily. Candlestick Holders - These "mismatched" candlestick holders make a stunning centerpiece. Journal - for pouring out your heart and soul The Lines Puzzle - Just like the one Taylor displayed at the Spotify library installation. Ceramic Face Flower Vase - It just feels like TTPD Poet Sign- Show everyone a poet lives here with this cute sign. Typewriter Vase - This would make a cute piece on a bookshelf or side table TTPD shirt - We love the style of this tee, black and white feels fitting Writing Dice - These dice are great for writer's block or a fun writing exercise to get the creative juices flowing. Peace Hand - Taylor signified "two" a few times, throwing up this hand symbol at the Grammy's when she announced her new album. This would look cute on a bookshelf or to hold rings and jewlery. Typewriter Prop - The prop is the exact one that Taylor uses to promote her new lyrics Fountain Pen - Write with "pitch black ink" with this fountain pen.

  • DIY TTPD clock necklace

    Welcome to our female rage era! We can't believe it has barely been over 1 month since The Tortured Poets Department has dropped and we're fully obsessed with listening to it. We decided it would be fun to try to recreate Taylor's watch necklace that she wore at the Grammys when she announced TTPD. It was easier than we expected and we had a lot of fun creating it. Here's how we made this DIY TTPD clock necklace! Supplies: Watch faces 5/8 velvet ribbon jewelry making kit wire clamps super glue tape measure scissors Directions: Measure your neck or whoever you are making this necklace for. Then you will cut your ribbon 1 inch shorter than you measured. Our model measured 13 inches so we cut our ribbon to 12 inches long. 2. Grab one of the crimp clamps out of your jewelry-making kit and line it up on one edge of your ribbon. Use your wire clamps to close it gently, squeezing along the edge of the clamp. 3. Choose what watch you want to be the watch for your necklace. Slide it on the other side of your ribbon, making sure the ribbon lays behind it. Once you get the watch centered on your ribbon, add some super glue to the back of the ribbon to help secure it in place. Let dry completely, this only takes a few minutes. 4. Now you can add the same type of crimp clamp to the other side of your ribbon, using the same technique you used with the first side. 5. Add one jump ring and 1 claw clamp to one side. Use your wire clamps to open and close the jump ring. You'll want to do this on whatever side your dominant hand is on so you can put the necklace on easily. Also, decide how you want your watch to orient on your neck. Taylor's watch had the 12 facing her left ear so we did the same. 6. On the other side you can add the string of jump rings using your wire clamps. You're done! It's a pretty easy craft. You can play around with different types of ribbons or other necklace accessories you like with it. We tried a lacy ribbon but, ultimately it wasn't sturdy enough to hold up the watch. Be sure to check out our Taylor Era page with lots of fun ideas or if you're looking for TTPD specific posts, head over to our candle painting TTPD listening party, TTPD inspired gift guide, and black and white snack board.

  • Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint

    We made some Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint with the kids as a way to spend some time outdoors creating art on the sidewalk in front of our house! Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Paint Supplies: 1/3 cup flour 1/3 cup water 1 tsp liquid dish soap (I used Dawn) 1/2 stick of sidewalk chalk, crushed 8oz squeeze bottles Plastic baggie for crushing chalk Hammer for crushing chalk Small bowl for mixing ingredients Knife and cutting board for cutting chalk Funnel Scissors (some of the paint was too thick for the holes in the bottle so I cut the tip off a little to make the hole bigger.) Note: This recipe is for making 1 color of chalk. Repeat this recipe as many times for as many colors of chalk as you want. Directions: Cut your sidewalk chalk in half and place it in a plastic baggie. On a hard surface like the sidewalk, use the hammer to crush the piece of sidewalk chalk into a powder. 3. In a bowl, mix together the flour, water, soap, and chalk powder. Stir until well combined. 4. Using a funnel, pour the mixture into squeezable containers. 5. Repeat steps as many times as needed to create several different chalk colors. Have fun creating art! The kids loved writing and drawing with our new paint. Shop Puffy Sidewalk Chalk Supplies:

  • Floral Bunny Headband

    Easter is a fun time to make floral crafts! All the beautiful flowers in the craft stores, and outside, have inspired us to create this sweet Floral Bunny Headband for Easter and the dress-up box. If you already have a set of old bunny ears, you can jazz them up with some flowers for a new look. We decided to create our own bunny ears out of wire and lace, for a soft and sweet look. Gather up your supplies below and let’s get started. Supplies: Headband - plain Floral wire Lace Fake flowers, assorted Hot glue + hot glue gun scissors 1. Attach two pieces of floral wire to your headband, creating bunny ear shapes. 2. Lay out a piece of your lace, and cut it to the length of one ear. Wrap your lace around the ear shape, hot gluing to the back of the wire as you go. Trim off any excess lace. 3. Decorate with pretty flowers! Using scissors, or by just pulling off the flowers, remove the flower heads from the stems. Hot glue your flowers along the base of your ears and headband. Adding a variety of different flowers and colors will make your floral bunny headband really pop! Have fun playing around with different colors and flower combinations. I could make about 38 of these; I got a little excited buying flowers at the craft store! You may also like our: DIY Wildflower Seed Bombs Flower Garden Parfaits

  • How to Throw a Candle Painting Party

    Yes, I said candle painting. This is a fun twist on a painting night at home. We threw a candle painting girls night in a few weeks ago. Ours the weekend that The Tortured Poets Department was released and listened to all 31 of Taylor's new songs as a group while we painted. Candle painting and TTPD listening party, what could be better? You could probably do candle painting with paint but that doesn't seem safe to burn and I wanted our candles to be functional. We painted our candles using wax from tea light candles. Here's everything I bought to throw a candle painting party! Candle Painting Party Supplies: pillar candles taper candles colorful tea lights more colorful tea light candles paint brushes candle lighter The concept is simple. Light the mini tea candles in a variety of colors and let everyone "paint" on their pillar or taper candles with the melted wax from the tea lights, whatever design they choose. Little tip, you do have to move fairly quickly because the wax can dry quickly on your brush. You can get really creative with your designs! We did a lot of florals, hearts, and bows! Sometimes you have to "dab" the melted wax onto your candle and sometimes you can make small paint marks. Play around with different techniques, just be careful and don't put your hand too close to the flame. We kept the whole night pretty casual. I decorated the table with fresh wildflowers in mini bud vases to serve as inspiration for our candle paintings. For snacks, I created a black and white snack board to go with our TTPD vibes and we had a build your own mini pizza bar. This set of candle holders makes a great place for everyone to put their candles once they are done painting them. Check out our Taylor Swift Party ideas or all our Taylor-inspired posts. We have a lot! Would you do a candle painting party with your friends?

  • Black and White Snack Board

    I recently created this black and white snack board for our The Tortured Poets Department listening and candle painting party! But, this high-contrast snack board can be perfect for lots of other types of parties. Maybe you're watching an old black-and-white film, throwing a Halloween party, or having a graduation retirement, or birthday party that is black-and-white themed. Either way, this snack board was a hit for us and we think it will be for you too. Here is what we included on our snack board and some other ideas for yours! Black and White Snack Board Mini powdered donuts Oreos Blackberries Black grapes Hershey's Hugs White cheddar popcorn Cookies and cream brownies cut bite-sized Start with a large black (or white) serving tray to keep with the theme. I have had my tray for so long I can't even remember where I got it from but you can find a variety of black serving trays that will suit the vibe you are going from. Fill up your tray with a variety of sweet and savory treats to enjoy, keeping each type of food grouped together. Throw in some fruit like our blackberries and grapes for good measure and let everyone graze or have it beside a dish like mini sliders and you're golden! Other ideas to include: white chocolate-covered pretzels black olives marshmallows white cubes of cheese black and white cookies Pirate's Booty Play around with it and have fun!

  • DIY Book Bouquet

    We love a pretty flower bouquet but today we are upping our game and making a DIY book bouquet that is perfect for surprising a friend or loved one! These make great birthday gifts for bookworms in your life. DIY Book Bouquet Supplies: Books cellophane tape scissors duct tape or another sturdy tape wooden dowels brown paper (or paper of your color) string or twine tissue paper (optional) ribbon fresh or faux flowers - I used 2 different types of fresh flowers Directions: Pick your books. I found the book bouquet easiest to make with three books otherwise the bouquet gets too big and heavy to hold. Wrap each book in the clear cellophane and tape them up. Like little presents. This keeps the books protected but you can still see what the books are when you make your bouquet. Using duct tape, attach a dowel to the back of each book. Then you can arrange your books in a shape with 2 books in the back and 1 book in the front. 4. Now that we have the basic shape, cut out your brown paper to be slightly wider and longer than your books on sticks. Do this twice, you'll save the second piece of paper for later. ( Note, if you want more color you can add tissue paper between your books and the brown paper). I like the simplicity of the brown paper and flowers but feel free to personalize it to suit your needs or the person you are giving it to. 5. Next, we're going to place flowers around to form the bouquet. I used 2 different flowers to add contrast but keep it simple and not visually overwhelming with too many colors. 6. Now you're going to fold over the paper at the base, leaving the top open. Tie with twine to secure it. 7. This is the time you are going to use that second sheet of brown paper. Cut it in half so that you have two almost equally sized pieces. Fold one piece at a diaganol as seen below and lay it on the front of your bouquet bunching it together at the same spot where you did your first layer of brown paper. 8. Repeat this step a second time on the other side of your bouquet. Tie wtih twine or tape to secure it down. 9. Lastly, you can decorate your bouquet with a ribbon and you have a beautiful DIY book bouquet to give as a gift!

  • Gifts for Swifties

    Swiftmas is right around the corner and let's face it, you probably have a Swiftie in your life! We're sharing some of our favorite gift ideas for Swifties. Some are more Taylor-themed, while others are a more subtle nod to Taylor. We have small items that would be fun for friends or stockings and bigger items for the favorite Taylor lover in your life! Gifts for Swifties Watch Band - at only $10.99, this Eras Tour Apple watch band makes a great Secret Santa, stocking, or bestie gift without breaking your budget. Taylor Swift and The Clothes She Wears - It's a beautiful picture book chock full of stunning photos of Taylor Swift's most beloved fits. In My 2024 Era Calendar - A wall calendar with artistic scenes from the eras tour each month. Light Up Ivy - Know an Evermore girlie? These light-up Ivy lights might be right up her alley! Fujifilm Instax Square Camera - It's the modern-day Polaroid and we know Taylor loves Polaroid photos! Be creative and take your own instant photos with this pretty camera. Album as Books Shirt - This is such a cute fan-made sweatshirt from OceanBlueClothingUS Etsy shop! Perfect for the bookworm Swiftie. Pat McGrath Lipstick - Taylor is known for her "red lip classic thing" and has been confirmed to use Pat McGrath lipsticks! This red lip is great for many skin tones and stays for hours! Moon and Saturn Necklace - Some swifties like subtle nods to song lyrics. This GoldThreadCandleCo Estys shop moon/Saturn necklace combo fits the Folklore girlies who love the lyrics and pretty jewelry! "Love you to the moon and to Saturn" 1989 Vinyl - Get the latest re-release from Taylor (1989 Taylor's Version) in this tangerine orange color! Record Player - This Audio Technica turntable is of great quality. I prefer the brown front for a vintage feel. Paired with these bookshelf speakers it makes a great "big gift" that will elevate their music listening sessions to the next level. Midnight Slippers - Meet me at midnight in your comfy clothes for a TS dance party in these fuzzy slippers! Loop Earbuds - Protect your hearing with these highly popular concert earbuds. These noise-filtering buds allow you to vibe at concerts or other loud environments without harming your hearing. Patriarchy Keychain - We remember it all too well. This would pair nicely with the Taylor Swift Advent Calendar for the car we shared! Car Air Freshener - It's so true, we get in and immediately pick our era for the trip. We love the disco ball addition as well! Blind Date with a Book (Taylor's Version) - Take Me To The Lakes Co Etsy shop allows you to choose your favorite Taylor album (or song) and get a book that fits that vibe. How cute is this idea! You can tell the shop owner hand wraps and decorates each book so cute! I got the Christmas Tree Farm version and it was so cute I didn't want to open it right away and just admired the cute packaging. What is your favorite gift for your swiftie this holiday season? Check out our 10 books for the 10 Taylor Swift Eras! For more Taylor Swift fun check out Taylor Swift's Chai Cookies Recipe, Taylor Swift Party, Lavender Haze Cocktail, DIY Friendship Bracelet House, Lavender Lemonade, and DIY Concert Confetti Shadow Box.

  • Throw a Taylor Swift Themed Party

    It was recently my birthday (yay, me!) and now I'm fully regretting not throwing a Taylor Swift-themed birthday party with my friends. We listen to Taylor a lot in this house and I'm always down for a fun party! Would it be too late to throw a party with Taylor Swift, singing at the top of your lungs, and heart-shaped glasses as the theme? Regardless of if I end up pulling my life together enough to do a party, I wanted to share with you my ideas for a Taylor-themed bash! This would be the perfect opportunity to have a 1989 TV album listening party! You could go all out in a specific Taylor album-themed party, but this party inspiration board is for an all-around Eras Themed Party. Eras Tour Tapestry // Disco Balloons // Bracelet Making Kit // TS Guitar Banner and Cupcake Toppers // Inflatable Guitars // Pastel Rainbow Party Plates // Champagne Problems Banner // Number 13 temporary hand tattoos // Holographic Garland // Instax Camera // Butterfly Drink Markers // All Too Well Wine Label // TS Birthday Banner // Heart Glasses // Karaoke Machine // Disco Cups // Confetti Poppers // Fake Microphones Shop our newest Taylor Swift-themed gift guide! We've got TTPD inspired gifts for the tortured poets! Looking for more Taylor Swift ideas for your party?! We've got cookies, drinks, gifts, and crafts that would add that special touch to your Eras party! Make sure you bring your Swiftie a fun gift! Shop our Swiftie Gift Guide for ideas! You've gotta have the Chai Cookies that Taylor Swift made during her secret sessions for 1989! Let's talk cocktails. We were inspired by Midnights to create this Lavender Haze cocktail. It has a soft lavender color with a frothy egg finish to look like her lavender haze clouds. Want something non-alcoholic, this Lavender Lemonade is just the thing. Floral and refreshing, it's the right balance of sweet and tart! Make an Eras Tour shadow box to display your concert or party pictures! You could frame some of the party pictures you take with your Instax camera. Make the friendship bracelets and then make this Lover House Bracelet Holder to store and display them in! Have so much fun at your Taylor Swift Party!

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