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  • Taylor Swift Reputation Donuts

    In honor of our Reputation Era being on the horizon (fingers crossed) I made some Taylor Swift Reputation Taylor Swift Reputation Donuts Ingredients: Donuts - chocolate because it's dark for Reputation. This would be fun at a Taylor Swift-themed party or even for the Superbowl because we know Swifties are Be sure to check out our other Taylor Swift page for more Taylor-inspired posts and if you're making

  • Taylor Swift's Chai Cookies

    You know I'm a swiftie and if you haven't seen our Friendship Bracelet Lover House, Lavender Haze Cocktail If you have seen them, let's add something new to our Taylor Swift content - Taylor Swift's Chai Cookies These cookies would be a great addition to an album-listening Taylor Swift party! Taylor Swift's Chai Cookies Cookie Ingredients: 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature As Taylor would say, " bakers gonna bake bake bake bake bake." Happy almost 1989 Taylor's Version!

  • Taylor Swift Eras Inspired Books

    Taylor is a beautiful storyteller so it only makes sense that many of us Swifties would be book lovers Swift Eras Inspired Books. Taylor Swift Books for Each Era Let's start at the beginning with Taylor Swift aka "Debut" For Taylor Taylor Swift has even said that Stargirl inspired her! Haze Cocktail and How to Throw a Taylor Swift Party!

  • Taylor Swift TTPD Inspired Gift Guide

    It's The Tortured Poet's Department release week and we're anxiously awaiting Taylor's newest album over We've curated this TTPD-inspired gift guide for the Swifites in your life! Journal - for pouring out your heart and soul The Lines Puzzle - Just like the one Taylor displayed Peace Hand - Taylor signified "two" a few times, throwing up this hand symbol at the Grammy's when she Typewriter Prop - The prop is the exact one that Taylor uses to promote her new lyrics Fountain Pen

  • Throw a Taylor Swift Themed Party

    and now I'm fully regretting not throwing a Taylor Swift-themed birthday party with my friends. Would it be too late to throw a party with Taylor Swift, singing at the top of your lungs, and heart-shaped Looking for more Taylor Swift ideas for your party?! You've gotta have the Chai Cookies that Taylor Swift made during her secret sessions for 1989! Have so much fun at your Taylor Swift Party!

  • DIY Friendship Bracelet Glasses

    Perfect for your Eras tour outfit, Taylor Swift party, or Valentine's Day goodie for your friends or

  • Edible Friendship Bracelet Skewers

    These fruit skewers are inspired by the friendship bracelets from the Eras tour and our girl Taylor Swift This would be a perfect snack for Valentine's Day, Taylor Swift party, or a book club get-together. If you missed our Taylor Swift Eras-inspired book recommendations, you should go check it out Edible

  • Free Printable Valentine Cards for Swifties

    Today, we're sharing some super cute free printable Valentine's Day cards for Swifties! These would be perfect for your little Swiftie to give out to their class or friends this Valentine's These cards are the perfect mix of classic conversation heart candies and Taylor Swift lyrics. Download our free Swiftie Valentine's here.

  • Lavender Haze Cocktail

    I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift and The Eras Tour currently. is just so dreamy so I decided to create a Lavender Haze-inspired Cocktail to sip on while scrolling SwiftTok It makes it even prettier and looks like the clouds Taylor is floating on during the Lavender Haze music Shop Lavender Haze Cocktail: For more Taylor Swift-inspired fun, check out our DIY Lover House Friendship Be sure to check out my newest post on how to throw a Taylor Swift Party!

  • Meet Me At Midnight New Year's Eve Party

    such a mood for a New Year's Eve party and what better way to celebrate New Year's Eve than with a Taylor

  • DIY Lover House Friendship Bracelet Holder

    It's no secret to my close friends, that I'm a HUGE Swiftie! Most of the time, if you get in my car, Taylor Swift is playing, and I'm not sorry about it. *I created the Friendship lyric printable using a font called Taylor Swift based on her handwriting and going with our Eras Tour Confetti Shadow Box DIY and DIY Friendship Bracelet Glasses Throw your own Taylor Swift Party with these fun ideas!

  • Gifts for Swifties

    Taylor Swift and The Clothes She Wears - It's a beautiful picture book chock full of stunning photos of Taylor Swift's most beloved fits. This would pair nicely with the Taylor Swift Advent Calendar for the car we shared! Check out our 10 books for the 10 Taylor Swift Eras! For more Taylor Swift fun check out Taylor Swift's Chai Cookies Recipe, Taylor Swift Party, Lavender

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